Easter weekend


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Today is Tuesday and we just had a wonderful long weekend. Since our house is under dust due to renovations we decided to go to hubby’s sister’s house for the long weekend. We left on Thursday evening and only returned yesterday afternoon. (Friday and Monday were holidays). We woke up late, had afternoon naps and ate lots. I actually managed to read a few magazines and a book. I do not know when last I managed to finish reading a magazine in one sitting. Pure bliss! I love how everyone was just chilled out; my sister-in-law was the perfect hostess, allowing everyone to do what they like.

The weather was a bit chilly so every night we had a fire going and on Saturday evening it was even accompanied with the rare glass of red wine for me.

My 3 year old was a bit under the weather, but was also on his best behaviour. Except for Sunday when he was a big cry baby but I think it was due to a short afternoon nap. He loves spending time with his cousins and he even drank his medicine like a champ.

Monday morning we had crayfish for breakfast, thanks to a pastor at my sister-in-law’s church who doesn’t eat crayfish…have you now seriously ever heard of such a thing.  It was a great weekend and I think we should have more of those.

Jazz on the rocks


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This past weekend we went to Jazz on the Rocks at Tietiesbaai. It is on the West coast just passed Paternoster. I do not like jazz music, but my husband does and his sister got us tickets. Surprisingly it was a very nice event. They were very well organized, according to my sister-in-law who went previously, this was the most organized they have ever been.

You park about 3-5km’s from the beach from which and get picked up by a bus that takes you to the beach. On the beach you make yourself comfortable. There is a big stage set up on the rocks but you can hardly see anyone or anything that happens on the stage unless you wander into the ice-cold water. The vibe is very nice, people are well behaved and respectful and the kids roam and play free whilst the adults relax.

Since you can hardly see what happens on the stage, some of the artist come and mingle with the crowd after their set, which was nice. The food is cheap…crayfish tails for R10 each, sausage rolls for R15, curry for R40. People are accommodating and the toilets are clean.

The music goes on till late at night and we did not take warm clothes so by 7pm moms and kids left and the dads stayed. I usually avoid these types of events like the plague because I do not like drunk, rowdy crowds, but I will definitely go again.

Holiday greetings

Whilst on holiday (when was that again) oh ja about 3 weeks ago. I thought about the awkwardness of greeting relatives and acquaintances. I mean seriously why is there no guideline or something written about how to greet who, when . It is desperately needed and should be taught in schools. 

For example if I do not know you, have never met you, even if my sister , mom , best friend raves about you, I don’t care if you are male or female, if today is the first time I meet you…a handshake will do thank you very much.

The same goes for the uncles and aunts whom I only see once a year and never speak a word to.
As for those friends of friends who we happen to befriend on Facebook we can hug , you know the not full on contact but the sideways , only our shoulders meet hug would suffice.
My true friends I hug and perhaps kiss on the cheek.
I really only want a kiss on the mouth from my siblings and parents and yet I am forced to kiss total strangers or I get the look from my husband who thinks I am being a snob. This past holiday I have learned to be the first to offer my hand or just cross my arms and smile because seriously I am too old to allow just anyone in my personal space.

The cake and bake show


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I just returned from the cake and bake show at CTICC. At first glance I very disappointed in the show. It is small and you pay R80 to get in. I decided to overlook this and tried to make the best of it. Things I enjoyed are the demonstrations (there are only 3 stations for demonstrations, however at the different stands the exhibitors are busy with fondant and sugar work and they were freely sharing their advise and gave tips on how they do several techniques.

At the Bakels stand they were baking bread and after 20 minutes or so you could help yourself to freshly baked bread. They also had a few chocolate fountains with marshmallows, cookies and cooking demonstrations…definitely the best stand at the show.

They had a station where kids were decorating cupcakes, cookies and the last time I passed by there the kids were rolling out bread for something that looked like sushi with cream cheese and avo.

Value baking supplies were selling cake decorating supplies, pans and other baking goodies, saving me a trip to Brackenfell.The size of the show allows you to take your time at each stand, listening to the tips and you will definitely not miss a thing.

Broad beans


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This year I planted broad beans for the first time. I never tasted fresh ones and was curious. It is a fairly easy plant to grow and once it starts to bear beans it does not stop. Taking into consideration my lazy way of gardening this is a perfect plant. It grew despite only getting water from rain and I never fertilized it.

I just planted it in composted soil around June 2014 and left it to its own devices. As it is reaching the end of its season; (summer is starting here in the Southern Hemisphere) I am pondering whether I will plant it again next season. I have limited space and only need to plant vegetables that we will actually eat and that produce lots.

We harvested the broad beans about 3 or 4 times, enough for 2 adults. It tastes amazing, but the effort that goes into shelling the beans versus the amount of beans one gets, make me wonder if it is worth it.

My family likes the beans and it does taste great, so if I have space I will plant it, but I will definitely not go out of my way to ensure they are in my garden.

Shelled vs pods

Shelled vs pods

Shelled broad beans

Shelled broad beans

The pictures above shows the amount of beans you get vs the number of pods. Those pods are huge but only holds about 4 beans.


I used to blog over on 2 blogs. Food24 initially was just me blogging about my life and then it became a food blog since I attended the food bloggers conference. Then I fell pregnant and as they say life got in the way. My gardening blog was never really a blog with followers, it was just a place for my own diary of what happens in my garden and trials and errors I experienced. It was updated even less than my food blog. So the last time I blogged was about 3 years ago

I created this blog in December 2013, as a way of consolidating all my interest in one place. Then I never blogged here…all good intentions yet nothing came off it. I would really like to change that, hence this blog.

Hopefully I will at least update it once a week.